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Through our expertise and throughout our consulting process, we aim to equip our clients with all the tools required to succeed on and off the field. We offer a wide range of services, covering different areas such as operations, finance, commercialization, facility management and innovation.


The 4NFC team has a wealth of experience working on high-profile projects across the globe, ranging from the definition of new business strategies or the assessment of club investments, to the implementation of smart solutions for improving the fan engagement or the fan experience at the stadiums.


Our typical clients are mainly football clubs and football federations worldwide. We aim to help top clubs and international federations implement better business strategies and management structures. We also aim to collaborate with them in the pursuit of partnership agreements with third parties.


4NFC aims to help professional football clubs reach their full potential. In that sense, we believe that clubs with a strategy and structure can achieve stability, which is the basis of success. In the ever-changing world of football, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that our clients are one step ahead of the game, especially in terms of innovation, considering the global circumstances that hinder their traditional business approach.

The covid-19 pandemic has proven to be in an obstacle class of its own and it has affected the way the football world has operated. In that sense, sports organizations are being forced to think about and execute business decisions differently and innovatively unlike ever before.

4NFC aims to facilitate the thinking, planning and executing process with football clubs and federations. The company was born at the Barca Innovation Hub and the Johan Cruyff Institute and therefore, innovation is at the center of our thinking.

Through partnering with 4NFC, our clients can rest assured that their organizations will be geared for the future of the football business world.



We are a Barcelona-based international consulting company founded by four professionals, who hail from Europe, Middle East and Africa. Coming from different nations and cultures and through our network of contacts, collaborators and partners, we provide unrivalled international business experience and football knowledge, as well as a global reach that allows us to be close to our clients.



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