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Paul Kessell and Akash Punjabi join 4NFC

Updated: Mar 14

We are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached with Paul Kessell and Akash Punjabi to become official collaborators of Four Nations Football Consulting (4NFC), representing the brand in the regions of Oceania and India.

Paul and Akash will work with 4NFC to provide expert consulting services to our clients on projects related to:

• Deal sourcing of football club investments, financial valuations, and due diligence

• Deal sourcing of football club sponsors

• Partnership agreements with third parties, e.g. learning institutions

• Organization of international football events (drafts, clinics, etc.) in the aforementioned regions

Paul is a Chartered Financial Analyst and an accomplished senior investment executive with over 25 years’ experience in Australia and the UK. He brings expertise in all aspects of investments and generating strong outcomes for clients.

Akash is also a Chartered Financial Analyst with 6 years of experience in consulting, industry, and professional services. He has catered for clients in various sectors, including sports, financial services and property, and he also writes as a freelancer for a leading football business media house.

With Paul and Akash joining our team we now have two of the very best in the business to help our clients achieve their goals. We look forward to many prosperous years of collaboration.

Welcome on board!

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