4NFC partners with B&C Sports

We are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached with B&C Sports to become a strategic business partner of Four Nations Football Consulting.

B&C will work with 4NFC to provide expert consulting services to our international clients, on projects related to the following areas:

  • Deal sourcing of football investments

  • Identification of sponsorship opportunities for football clubs

  • International expansion of football clubs, including the development of academies or the organization of player selection drafts, training courses for coaches and technification clinics

  • Implementation of big data analytics models for improving training processes, rival analysis, and talent acquisition

B&C is a young firm that is growing rapidly, as a result of the extensive experience of its partners in the world of football and the ability to establish business relationships with the different participants in the field (clubs, players, sponsors and agents). In that sense, the firm has investors and sponsors in constant search of commercial opportunities.

B&C has a wide portfolio of players of all levels, who have placed their trust in the firm to build their sports career and their brand, in order to achieve the best sponsorship agreements. On the other hand, they organize events and media coverage to position the clubs and increase their exposure among the fans, making them attractive for players and sponsors.

In terms of scouting, they organize events in Latin America looking for next football potential stars, presenting the players with the highest potential directly to the clients for their evaluation.

With B&C we now have one of the very best partners in the business, to help our clients achieve their goals. We look forward to many prosperous years of collaboration.