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Kenneth Cortsen joins 4NFC

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached with Kenneth Cortsen to become a strategic advisor and official collaborator of Four Nations Football Consulting (4NFC).

Kenneth will work with 4NFC to provide expert consulting services to our clients on projects related to the following areas:

  • Definition of marketing and branding strategies for football clubs.

  • Redefinition of player recruitment and talent management strategies.

  • Professionalization of sporting infrastructure (e.g. fields, equipment, technology, etc.).

  • Due Diligence projects for the technical and commercial valorization of football clubs and participation in transition projects (from one ownership/management to another one).

  • Identification of potential sponsorship deals and other investment opportunities.

Kenneth has completed various degrees, e.g., M. Sc. in business economics, MBA in general management and Ph.D. with emphasis on capitalizing of sports branding. He does research in various areas of commercialization of sports and is a Co-Founder of the Sport Management program at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) in Denmark, which was initiated in 2009. In addition to its ordinary on-campus activities, the program also offers online sport management education to professional athletes (many of them are footballers) across Europe in collaboration with FIFPro in Amsterdam. He also teaches and does research across the world, including guest lectures or research visits at University of San Francisco, San Diego State University, Vlerick Business School, Harvard Business School, University of Northern Colorado, DIS Copenhagen, and Johan Cruyff Institute (Amsterdam and Barcelona). Since 2014, Kenneth, who holds a UEFA A-license, has worked in the following positions within football or sports:

  • 2009 - present: Consultant for Sports Confederation of Denmark/NOC/DIF.

  • 2014 - 2018: working 4 years as Head Coach at the men’s reserve team level in the Danish elite club Aalborg BK/AaB – a position which included collaboration with the first team, as well as with the club’s best U19 team in the club.

  • 2015: Member of the economy and commercial group under the Danish league focusing on re-structuring of competition formats.

  • 2016: Speaker at the Sport Accord conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • 2018 - present: Member of the advisory board in the IT-company, KMD regarding technology and data in sports.

  • 2019 - present : Member of a task force on diversity in the Danish FA/DBU.

  • March 2020 - present: Member of a working group under the Danish league to look at co-creation opportunities with the Danish FA and women’s football.

  • June 2020: 2.5 years as Head Coach for the women’s team in Aalborg BK/AaB, which he took from a botttom position in the 3rd tier to the best women’s league (top 8).

  • July 2020: Strategic Advisor for the board of the mother club in AaB while also running youth camps and individual coaching across boys’ and girls’ football.

  • 2020: Activation of the data-driven Goal Station setup.

With Kenneth joining our team we now have one of the very best in the business to help our clients achieve their goals. We look forward to many prosperous years of collaboration.

Welcome Kenneth!

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