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MLS as a sports product

Kenneth Cortsen, one of 4NFC's board members, recently co-published a research paper for Harvard University on the Major League Soccer (MLS) as a sports product. The research explores the league’s evolution and development through the cohesion existing between its sporting and business development, as well as its performance, providing a perspective on soccer in the U.S. in the context of both the U.S. sports scene and international football.

The publication goes on to describe the structure of the MLS, addressing ownership & governance, player issues, sporting infrastructure, youth participation, and talent development, and it also treats the MLS business model in the context of soccer’s ecosystem, including the treatment of MLS financial operations, encompassing commercial cornerstones such as building and retaining fandom, television and digital content, corporate support, and the competitive landscape. It concludes with a consideration of the future of league.

Click the link below to access to the full publication by Kenneth Cortsen

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