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MOC between Mafafrique and 4NFC

Four Nations Football Consulting (4NFC) and East African Advisory Group Mafafrique concluded a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) to jointly shape an enabling environment to advance commercialization of football clubs in East, Central, and Southern Africa countries.

Underpinning the MOC is the acknowledgment by the parties that East, Central, and Southern Africa are in a unique position to leverage its growing youthful population and strong digital and mobile infrastructure, as well as strong football brands especially in countries such as Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya, to position the region to compete with the rest of the continent

MafAfrique and 4NFC will, among others, collaborate on an exclusive basis in pursuing partnerships with third parties, as well as in attracting investments and private capital into the local clubs within the regions.

Byron Mudhune, Co-founder of MafAfrique: “We are delighted to finally conclude this arrangement. Under our strategy of leveraging digital technologies to unlock opportunities, our aim is to facilitate football clubs with a significant fan base across the region to become fully commercialized through adopting an inclusive and sustainable ownership model. This strategy is now enhanced by this partnership creating an array of transaction support services that will significantly enhance our development impact and position us as a leading Pan African partner in this field.”

Guillermo Pérez, Co-founder of 4NFC: “We are really excited about this opportunity. We aim to provide our clients with all the tools necessary to succeed in the football scene, both on the pitch (with excellent sports performance) and off the pitch (with commercial growth, capital asset optimization, and brand expansion). The covid-19 pandemic has proven to be in an obstacle class of its own and it has affected the way the football world has operated. In that sense, sports organizations are being forced to think about and execute business decisions differently and innovatively unlike ever before. Through this partnership, our clients can rest assured that their organizations will be geared for the future of the football business.”

Emerging trends impacting the football industry in Africa, such as a growing and passionate fan base, new digital technologies, as well as changing expectations of the fans, are combining to create new business model opportunities which did not exist before.

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