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River Plate Campus in Colombia co-organized by 4NFC

Updated: Mar 14

Last Saturday we wrapped-up a fantastic youth football event in the city of Monteria in Colombia.

It was a great experience for the more than 150 kids that participated in the event, as they could enjoy football on a different level, learning from top coaches of Club Atlético River Plate, one of the best clubs in Latin America.

Combining sport and social integration is also part of our vision as a company, and we are really happy to keep contributing to that, especially in an area like the north of Colombia, sometimes forgotten, but a place for new opportunities.

In this case, the campus was co-organized with the local support of Prosport and Area Chica, which will remain as partners of 4NFC for other future events that will take place in the country in the upcoming months.

Check the link below to access to the news published on River Plate's website:

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