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Stadium revenues & Ticketing strategies

Updated: Mar 14

Since March 2020, most football clubs have been affected by the absence of fans in the stadiums drastically reducing the revenues received for ticket sales and membership fees. This affection has been significantly more important for top tier clubs which have a lower dependency on TV rights but usually budget a much higher amount of stadium revenues, considering also the money received from other matchday and non-matchday related activities.

In order to get a sense on the potential impact of playing behind closed doors, we have prepared a brief analysis of the stadium revenues and ticketing strategy of FC Barcelona pre-COVID, compared to other top European contenders, focusing also on the initiatives proposed by the club to comply with the requirements of its members. See document attached.

At 4NFC we strive to assist football clubs with the redefinition of their business plans to optimize the matchday and non-matchday revenues, including ticketing, hospitality packages, sponsorship and advertising, stadium tours or merchandising, always considering the particularities of the clubs and the importance of the local environment.

Get in touch with any of our team members and we'll be happy to present our approach and discuss any potential opportunities.

Stadium Revenues (FCB + Benchmark)
Download PDF • 766KB

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