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AFC Bournemouth acquisiton - SWOT Analysis

AFC Bournemouth is the most recent acquisition by the American consortium led by Bill Foley, owner of the NHL franchise Vegas Golden Knights, becoming the 8th US majority owner of a Premier League club (40% of the league).

While it is clear that acquiring Premier League clubs is a recent trend, with 20% of the transactions happening during the last 14 months, there is an even more relevant event in the making, with the Foley' led group looking to create a Multi-Club Ownership (MCO) structure with a French and Belgium club as feeder clubs.

Check below our SWOT analysis on AFC Bournemouth acquisition, a sporting/financial snapshot and the main challenges and benefits of creating a MCO structure.

At Four Nations Football Consulting, we offer our clients the possibility of mapping the market to identify the best countries and leagues to acquire satellite or partner clubs, highlighting the different threats & barriers, and the potential financial, commercial, and sporting benefits.

In addition, we provide our clients not only with a sound execution plan, but also a close monitoring to ensure a successful strategy implementation. At the same time, we have feet on the grass in different countries, combining the expertise with a local market knowledge.

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AFCB Transaction & MCO
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