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Vitória SC acquisition - SWOT Analysis

Updated: Mar 5

The MCO trend keeps on growing and V Sports are at the forefront with their most recent deal, just pending on the approval from the acquired club's fans.

The owners of Aston Villa Football Club have a deal in place for a 46% stake in Vitória Sport Clube, guaranteeing them 2 out 5 seats at the board of directors, in exchange for a €7.5M in equity and a €20M credit line to help dealing with the current debt.

After the successful spell of the englishman Marcus Edwards (940% market value increase in 2.5 years), the english club owners could be looking to replicate the model, using Vitória as a platform and taking advantage of their successful player development model. In addition, with a staggering 47.5% Academy impact last season, Aston Villa could be looking into exploiting preferable terms to acquire Academy graduates from the portuguese club.

On the other hand, could be a tricky scenario to deal with the portuguese club's fans, known for their passionate and sometimes aggressive behaviour, if the club doesn't perform as expected.

Check below our SWOT analysis on Vitória SC's acquisition, a sporting/financial snapshot and the main challenges and benefits of creating a MCO structure.

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