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In keeping with our objective of helping football clubs on and off the pitch, we have co-developed with ZAQ Finance our own data-driven recruitment tool which will give sporting / football departments the edge in the transfer market by:

  • Simplifying the scouting process reducing the list of suitable targets.

  • Customizing the search according to club needs and budget restrictions.

  • Saving time and costs in the recruitment process.

  • Reducing risks and uncertainty when selecting players.

  • Simplifying the information that the decision-makers receive.


​Our tool goes beyond the identification of similar profiles, and allows football clubs to take a step backwards and assess and rank the performance of the current players in the squad and compare them to other players in the same position, adjusting performance metrics based on the league they were achieved in, allowing clubs to “compare apples with apples”.


This step is key to identify strengths and weaknesses within the squad and determine which players to replace, deciding also on the best timing to sell assets that can significantly contribute to increase the revenue streams of the club and can be potentially replaced by other similar or better players with cheaper value in the market. 

Squad analysis.png

Once identified the selected postions to replace within the squad, our tool provides clubs with a data-driven assessment of thousands of players to identify the best candidates that meet the set performance requirements per position, finding hidden value in the transfer market by highlighting clubs that are performing better than perception. According to budget restrictions & sporting objectives, we propose multiple transfer strategies to help clubs climb the league.

Transfer combinations.png

Our offering is based on tailor-made packages that include pre and post consultation sessions with the football club representatives, as well as full transfer reports that contain:

  • Squad assessment.

  • Optimal transfer strategies.

  • Player comparison per position.

  • Individual player dashboards (of selected profiles)

Click on the link below to know more about our tool and do not hesitate to contact us for further details and pricing.

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